Influence of fertilizers on physiological functions of fishes


phosphoric fertilizers
lethal concentration
behavioral reactions
blood indicators
Cyprinus Carpio

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Hashimova UF, Akhundov MM, Mammadova SI. Influence of fertilizers on physiological functions of fishes. Azerbaijan Journal of Physiology. 2023;38(1):13-18. doi:10.59883/ajp.64


Fertilizers are strong pollutants in the surrounding water environment. These substances get into the water environment through the groundwater during the spraying of crops under agricultural cultivation. The toxicity of fertilizers influences growth, physiology, and a hemato-biochemical profile and causes serious changes in some tissues of aquatic organisms, including fish, which has also proved to be true in our research. From the mentioned effects, hematological parameters serve as important biomarkers of the pollution of water by fertilizers. Cause serious changes in the blood of fishes as they bioaccumulate in various tissues of fishes and, by doing so, cause serious changes in the blood tissue of fishes and also in their behavioral reactions (Cyprinus Carpio). In the research, the impact of the phosphoric fertilizers Ammophos and Kristalon in lethal concentrations of 97.2 mg/l and 265.2 mg/l on the behavioral reactions of Cyprinus Carpio and blood indicators was studied. It is necessary to notice that these fertilizers are widely used in the cultivation of agricultural crops, but these preparations were not investigated on fish, and it is written in their passport data. It is necessary to notice that these fertilizers influence the behavioral reactions of Cyprinus Carpio and indicators of the blood of fish.


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