Assessment of the retinal ganglion cell complex in Alzheimer's disease
Azerbaijan Journal of Physiology
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Alzheimer's disease
optical coherence tomography
ganglion cell complex
MMSE scale

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Guliyeva RN, Hashimova UF, Panakhova EN, Javadova KK. Assessment of the retinal ganglion cell complex in Alzheimer’s disease. Azerb. J. Physiol. 2022;37(1):51-56. doi:10.59883/ajp.17


The aim of the work was to determine the thickness of the complex of retinal ganglion cells in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD). The study involved patients with AD with cognitive impairment in mild and moderate severity and healthy volunteers at corresponding ages. It was determined mild dementia in 33.3%, moderate dementia in 62.6% of cases, and mild cognitive impairment several times. The visual acuity of the eye, intraocular pressure, spectral optical coherence tomography, and evaluation on the MMSE scale were measured in the study. It was revealed that visual acuity and intraocular pressure, as well as points on the MMSE scale in patients with AD, were reduced compared with the control group. A decrease in the thickness of the ganglion cell complex in patients with AD was more common in the inferotemporal segment (84.4%), inferonasal (82.2%), and inferior segment (71.1%). The index of focal and global loss of ganglion cell volume was significantly increased.
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