Experimental retina's dystrophy and the curcumin recovery effect on the evoked activity of visual system structures


colliculus superior
lateral geniculate body
visual cortex
evoked potentials
retinal dystrophy

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Miryusifova KM, Allahverdiyeva AM, Javadova KK, Huseynova NI. Experimental retina’s dystrophy and the curcumin recovery effect on the evoked activity of visual system structures. Azerbaijan Journal of Physiology. 2022;37(2):29-32. https://ajp.az/index.php/ajp/article/view/32


The rehabilitative curcumin effect on the visual system function was investigated in studies conducted on awake unanesthetized rabbits. Analysis of the results obtained showed that after curcumin administration, certain changes in the evoked activity of the retina, superior colliculus, lateral geniculate body and primary visual cortex were observed in the model of retinal dystrophy. The neuronal apparatus of the glial layer of the retina damaged in moderate retinal dystrophy led to functional disintegration of the mechanisms of electrogenesis. The curcumin administration led to an increase in the amplitude parameters of evoked potentials in all structures. The most pronounced curcumin effect was observed in the potentials of the visual cortex evoked by light stimuli, where certain changes in the configuration of evoked responses were noted.



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