Study of physical workability in student-athletes using the PWC170 test


physical load
working capacity
cardiovascular system

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Baghirova RM. Study of physical workability in student-athletes using the PWC170 test. Azerb. J. Physiol. 2023;38(2):40-44. doi:10.59883/ajp.76


In the present work, the functional state and process of adaptation of the cardiorespiratory system to physical activity were studied in student-athletes using the PWC170 bicycle ergometer test. The conducted studies showed that the majority of athletes in both martial arts (cyclic) and team sports (acyclic) had an average level of physical performance. It should be noted that a fairly high percentage of student-athletes at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sports (ASAPES) had an average level of performance. However, a very small number of students had below-average and high PWC170 scores. The results of the study made it possible to assess the anaerobic performance and adaptive capabilities of athletes as average. The ability of the circulatory system to recover was below average.


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