The activity of enzymes of glutamate metabolism in the brain following exposure to prenatal hypoxia of varying severity
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prenatal hypoxia

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Khairova VR, Gadirova LB. The activity of enzymes of glutamate metabolism in the brain following exposure to prenatal hypoxia of varying severity. Azerb. J. Physiol. 2022;37(1):17-21. doi:10.59883/ajp.9


The effect of prenatal hypoxia of varying severity on the activity of glutaminase and glutamine synthetase in various rat brain regions was studied in this work. The study revealed an inverse correlation in the activity of enzymes of the glutamate-glutamine cycle in the brain of rat offspring that survived the influence of hypoxic exposure in various severity during the period of organogenesis of prenatal development. Against the background of a decrease in glutamine synthetase activity, an increase in glutaminase activity in the brain structures of 17-day-old rat pups was noted. Moreover, the nature of the change in enzymatic activity depended on the severity of the hypoxic influence. Consequently, prenatal hypoxia led to disruption of the metabolism of glutamate in the brain and created conditions for its accumulation in nerve cells. These disorders are possibly caused by changes in the mechanisms of reuptake and utilization of glutamate or damage enzyme’s structure and ultimately led to disturbances in glutamatergic transmission.


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