Study of the effectiveness of physical rehabilitation of athletes after knee injury


physical rehabilitation
knee joint injury

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Orudzhov KG. Study of the effectiveness of physical rehabilitation of athletes after knee injury. Azerb. J. Physiol. 2023;38(2):45-48. doi:10.59883/ajp.73


The main goal of the study was to assess the range of movements and determine the effectiveness of the physical rehabilitation of athletes (wrestling Zorkhana and Pahlevani) after a knee joint injury.

The proposed version of the program, developed for the physical rehabilitation of athletes with knee injuries, turned out to be very effective in helping them return to sports and continue professional activity. This result is due to the use of an integrated approach to recovery during the rehabilitation process with phased, permanent, and individual treatment. Compliance with these principles made it possible to eliminate the morphological and functional consequences of knee joint injury as completely as possible.


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